This past week I teamed up with AIG Canada to put their Travel Guard On-Demand App to the test. My frequent pursuit of new experiences has taken me to many corners of the world. With an on the go’ lifestyle, travel insurance has always been a huge inconvenience. This new travel insurance app (first of its kind) allowed me to purchase insurance coverage by the hour, from my iPhone. So convenient! When heading out of the country, I can simply open up the app and rest assured I’m prepared for any emergency. With this revolutionary travel insurance app, the experience is seamless. See the campaign below!


Since moving to British Columbia, I’ve fallen in love with the surrounding scenery of this region. I’m constantly on the go, looking for new adventures. It’s times like these that I’m thankful to have the Travel Guard travel insurance app.This first of it’s kind app lets you purchase travel insurance directly from your phone. Just swipe on and off for peace of mind. How do you feed your need for travel? #Sponsored