Do you need some renewed inspiration to keep up your plastic-free motivation?

We get it. Living plastic free, even plastic-reduced, is really challenging. As individuals who need to consider our personal circumstances, it can be really hard to consistently choose plastic-free options. They’re often more expensive, and more out of reach. If you sometimes wonder what difference you can possibly make when it seems like everywhere we turn all we see is plastic, we feel you! We’ve been there too.

But you’re not alone! There’s a legion of plastic-free warriors out there, and today we’re sharing just a few of our favourites with you to keep your momentum going!


@plasticfreefridays is a growing social media account that’s starting a movement of people sharing how they choose plastic-free alternatives every Friday. Their goal is to encourage followers to make plastic-free choices every day of the week by reminding us all regularly to check in with ourselves on our consumption. You’ve heard of @plasticfreejuly? This is a bite sized but more consistent approach.


@realpreciousplastic is a non profit organization dedicated to reducing plastic waste by educating people on consumption, and seeking viable ways to recycle the material. Precious Plastic started out with one guy building a small plastic recycling machine as part of a university project in the Netherlands, and has grown into a worldwide movement with local chapters in several countries. If you ever need a reminder that one person can make literally a world of difference, check them out.


@plasticfreemermaid Kate Nelson has gone without single-use plastics for over 10 years. 10 years! Kate posts recipes for homemade hair and body products, shares her struggles seeking plastic free groceries and essentials, and champions the plastic-free cause tirelessly. If you’re struggling to stay motivated because maintaining a plastic free lifestyle is genuinely exhausting, give Kate a follow. Her down to earth commitment to sustainable living reminds us that we can do it, too.


@plasticbank is an organization close to our hearts here at Akuna. Based in Vancouver just like us, they’re dedicated to reducing ocean plastic waste too. Plastic Bank is dedicated to lifting up people in poverty while collecting ocean bound plastic — collectors can exchange plastic waste they’ve gathered in exchange for goods at Plastic Bank stores in Brazil, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Haiti. Plastic Bank then sells the plastic back to manufacturers who up-cycle the material to make new goods.


@zerowastechef Anne-Marie Bonneau gets how hard it is to make nutritious, budget-friendly food when everything at the grocery store is wrapped in seven layers of plastic. She offers a starter-guide for waste free living that’s helped 167,000 followers, and she posts recipes, food for thought on zero-waste living, and photos of her adorable cat Bootsy getting into trouble.