Want to reduce your personal plastic waste? A great way to start is by assessing your current consumption habits. How much disposable, single-use plastics do I use in a week? I think you’ll be shocked at the answer. A question at the core of a personal conviction to challenge my consumption routines in a way to reduce my environmental footprint. Billions upon billions of items of plastic waste choking our oceans, lakes, and landfills.


How much waste did I create in one week?


For a week I kept and cleaned every item of plastic waste I consumed. Here are the results.

OKOS Greek Yogurt Container
Perrier Water Bottle
Generic Water Bottle
Freshii Ginger Shot Bottle
Peppermint Tea Bag
Vitamin C Energy
Vega Protien Container
Traction Force Conference Pass
Pennut Butter Container Waste
Cadbury Dairy Milk Wrapper
Bread Bag
Kirckland Almond Bag
Pho Take Out Waste
Clothing Hanger
Lavender Seeds Package
Dill Seeds Package
Kale Seeds Package
Spinach Seeds Package

As someone who actively tries to reduce the quantity of waste in my life, I was shocked at the output of plastic waste I consumed on a weekly basis, from simply living. Truly eye opening, and i’d encourage you to do the same! It’s a simple exercise,  and it really put my consumption habits into perspective.