There are simple steps you can take to proactively rethink your personal impact.


Here are some tips to help you rethink the way you interact with single-use plastics. 


Tip #1: Start with the low hanging fruit. 

Think inside of your personal spaces – like your homes and office. Ask yourself a few questions. Where do plastics fit in these spaces? What consumption routines do I exercise on a daily basis?  How can I alter these practices to reduce the amount of wasteful plastic I use? 

Tip #2: It’s all about planning ahead.

Many times to reduce your daily plastic consumption, all it takes is to plan ahead and shop carefully. Replace products you use every week for reusable ones. A coffee cup, a water bottle, your utensils, and grocery bags. By being diligent in this area and being thoughtful of the companies you choose to support, you can drastically reduce your personal footprint.

Tip #3: Participate!

Help remove plastics from the ocean and prevent them from getting there in the first place by participating in, or organizing a cleanup of your local beach or waterway. Taking an active role in the solution is one of the most direct and rewarding ways to fight ocean plastic pollution! 

Tip #4: Spread the Word.

Stay informed on issues related to plastic pollution and help make others aware of the problem. Tell your friends and family about how they can be part of the solution, or host a viewing party for one of the many plastic pollution focused documentaries, like Bag ItAddicted to PlasticPlasticized, or Garbage Island.

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Tip #5: Support organizations addressing plastic pollution.

There are many non-profit organizations working to reduce and eliminate ocean plastic pollution in a variety of different ways. Look at the organizations we’re following on Instagram at @AkunaOceans to discover people who are at the forefront of this movement!